Have a question for us? We will be happy to answer any question you may have. Here is a list of our frequently asked questions for you to look over.

1.What sizes do your head wraps fit? -Our wraps fit a variety of ages from newborn to adults. All sizes are listed in the item listing in our shop.

2.What type of head wraps does Lola Wraps offer? - We offer several styles of our head wraps.
  • Newborn Wraps- Our newborn wraps are perfect for newborns to approx age 1. These wraps are much smaller than our standard wraps and have a Velcro closure for easy use. These wraps are perfect props for a newborn photographer and can be custom made!
  • Velcro Wraps- These wraps come in three sizes: toddler, child, and adult. They secure with Velcro and are great for everyday wear!
    • Toddler size fits approx 1-6 yrs 
    • Child size fits approx 6-12 yrs
    • Adult size fits approx size 12-adult 
  •  Reversible Wraps- These wraps are made with 2 coordinating prints and secure with Velcro. They come in the same sizes as our Velcro Wraps. These are great 2 in 1 wraps when you feel like changing up your style every so often!
  •  Tie in the back wraps- These wraps are our first wraps that were introduced to Lola Wraps. These wraps fit newborn through adult. They tie in the back which is perfect for sharing!
  •  Extra Long Wraps- These are the newest addition to the Lola Wraps family. These are made extra long so the ends hang down in the back! These wraps can be made reversible as well!! 
 3. How fast can you ship my order out?
-Our turnaround time varies. I am a business of 1 at the moment with plans to expand later this summer. I work very hard to get all orders out within my listed turnaround time on the front page of my shop. That can be found here: www.shoplolawraps.com

4. How should I care for my Lola Wraps?
-I suggest to spot clean your wraps and never put them in the wash. The wraps will hold up in the wash however major fraying of the flower and leaves will occur. Lola Wraps will not refund or exchange any products that have been washed.

5. What is your return policy?
-I strive to make every customer happy. I also stand behind each product I send out my door. I will never send out a product that I would not be happy to receive myself. Each order is based on a one by one basis and refunds will be handled in the same manner. Please contact me should you have any questions or concerns regarding your order.

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