Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Anyone who knows me can tell you my mind is all over the place and I am always looking for ways to change things up. I think about ways to change my wraps and add new things constantly which is why I am bringing back the extra ruffly double layer flowers! I released these with some Halloween wraps last year and you all loved them as much as I did so I thought why not bring them back? There is several new wraps listed in the shop now with this new flower! Go check them out at www.shoplolawraps.com

So I am happy to re introduce....

The Extra Ruffly Flower

Want to win one of your own? It's simple follow the instructions below using the Rafflecopter tool and on Monday 6/25 I will choose 2 winners to win a FREE surprise extra ruffly flower wrap!

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  1. I hope it's me!! I have wanted one for such a long time and I adore the extra ruffly flower!!