Tuesday, January 1, 2013

HAPPY 2013! What are YOUR resolutions?

Welcome to 2013! Lola Wraps is getting a makeover this year. I can't wait to share the finished look with you all but here is a sneak at our new logo! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!  Hope you all love it too!

So since it is a new year I know everyone out there has at least one resolution for 2013. I have a few myself. Some are personal and some are business related.


I would like to be healthier. I have been working out already 3 days a week with a trainer since Nov 9th, and plan to continue with that routine until October. I have weight I need to lose but my goal is to be healthier for myself and my family.

I want to have more patience. If you ask anyone who really knows me they will tell you I am probably the most impatient person they know. I don't like to take my time with things and really struggle when people take too long. I get overly anxious and frustrated. Now that I have a 3 yr old and a 9 mo old I need to learn to be patient with them and understand that they learn from me.

This is both business and personal related but, I would like to be more organized. I want to have my home better organized and put together by the end of the year. Right now everything just goes somewhere to stay out of the way and I really would like everything to have its own place. It will take me every bit of a year!

I want to give back more, whether it be my time, donating toys or clothing, etc. I need to find a way to give back. I feel like I have been beyond blessed with everything I have in life that it is my turn to pay it back. I also want to start teaching my oldest to give back as well. I think she is finally at a good age to start understanding the importance of giving back.


Like I said before I need to become more organized. I switched back to Etsy because it was becoming a challenge to keep up with everything on Big Cartel's old order system. Things were a serious mess last year. Since it is Jan 01. I will be starting today and continuing here on out to keep records to help make things more efficient for everyone.

I want to focus on Lola Wraps. 2012 was a whirlwind of emotions caused by other businesses. I think Lola Wraps took a huge hit and my self esteem did as well. It has taken me every bit of 11 or so months to get to this point and understanding that I don't do this for anyone other than my family. Positive attitudes and kindness will be my 2013 goal!


I want to know what your 2013 resolutions are? Are they different from last year or about the same? Do you have any strategies for following through with your goals? If so what are they? I want to hear it all! Comment below with your answers!

Most importantly, have a safe and amazing year!
Lola Wraps

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  1. The new logo looks great!
    Happy New Year!

    My resolutions are posted here: http://crazysockscrochet.blogspot.com/2012/12/new-years-resolutions-2013.html