Thursday, February 14, 2013

Bathroom Printables {Freebie}

Since my husband has been gone for work I have had the overwhelming urge to decorate and change everything in our home. I havent got very far and pick up little things as I find them. I have decided to re decorate my littles bathroom and put all my focus in to that one room for now. When I was pregnant with our little guy I never really considered the fact that some day he will be sharing this bathroom with his sister and the super girly ruffle shower curtain I spent days sewing was eventually going to have to be switched for something more neutral. I have been searching the web looking for cute printables and trying to draw some inspiration from things I have seen, but ill admit I am not getting too far. I decided to sit down and make my own and although I might not be using these exact colors I couldnt pass up sharing these with you all! Feel free to download as many times as you want!

(do not save these photos as they are web sized and not sized for printing)
Download Brush Your Teeth 8.5x11 Printable HERE
Download Wash Your Hands 8.5x11 Printable HERE

♥ Lola Wraps

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  1. Love this printable- it's exactly what we need in my kids bathroom. The website Keep & Share says that your privacy settings are private and I can't view the document??

    1. Hi Julie, feel free to email me at and I will directly email you the file :) Sorry for the problem!!


  2. This printable is super cute!!! I tried printing it off the link you gave but the Keep & Share site says that the settings are private. Is there any way I could get a copy of these? Do you happen to have them in an 5X7"?? Thank YOUUUU!!!!!!! XO

  3. Would you email me a copy of the printable? I love it and am also having problems with the Keep & Share site! mollytheurer @

  4. These match my bath perfectly! I cannot get the file to download because of the privacy settings. Would you mind sharing the file with me?

  5. Could you email these to me??? I can not get them downloaded from the site :(